Thursday, June 25, 2009

The NEW Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral



What's up with the pink lights in the sanctuary in the BEFORE Photo? A barely recognizeable crucifix? 6 small candles on the altar... overlay stoles... dimly lit sanctuary...

There is a lot of difference a beautifully decorated altar, sanctuary, retablo and even cathedra gives to the senses of the faithful. Your spirits are lifted up and you get the atmosphere of prayer all around you. The simplicity that permeated right after Vatican II led to the stripping of our altars of everything noble and sublime. Our lives must be simple yet our offerings to the Lord must be grand. Take the example of St. John Marie Vianney!

The cathedral was renovated after the havoc wreacked by Vatican II liturgists. Everything is splendid!

God bless Cardinal Vidal of Cebu for returning the sense of the sacred into the country!

Notice the altar arrangement in the AFTER Photo? Benedictine, eh?

For more photos of the cathedral go here

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