Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Uniquely Pinoy: Feast of St. John the Baptist

Here are some of the unique ways Pinoys celebrate the Feast of St. John the Baptist in the country.

The people of San Juan City in Metro Manila celebrate the patronal feast by dousing each other and even innocent bystanders and pedestrians with water.  Yeah, that's right.  Even people dressed neatly in their office wear, walking the streets or in jeepneys or in their vehicles will be doused with water to commemorate what St. John did, baptize with water.  Those who don't want to get wet better not pass the city as those involved in the revelry are merciless in getting anyone wet.  For more, go here

Yes, that is a pig on a bike, not a Harley though.  This roast pig is part of the The Annual Parada ng Lechon (Parade of Roast Pigs) Festival celebrated by the people of Balayan, Batangas.  Roast pigs are dressed and made to sit on elaborate carriages and paraded through the streets.  For more on this uinquely Pinoy festival go here

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